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Memorial Hall


Pamber Heath Memorial Hall, Pamber Heath Road, Pamber Heath, Tadley, HANTS RG26 3TQ

 The Pamber Heath War Memorial Hall, opened in 1977 and is used by a range of local clubs and societies:

 Impstone Pre-School

Short Mat Bowls

Wu Shu Kwan (Chinese Kick Boxing)


Ballroom Dancing

K9 Planet Dog Training

Deft Fingers (Art & Crafts)

Circuit Style Exercise



            Play Reading

            Photography & Photoshop

            Wine Appreciation

 The Hall Committee organise various events throughout the year including, theatre, music, dance, disco, a summer Fun Day, jumble sales, an annual carol concert, tribute bands and much more!

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 For further information and ‘what’s on’ visit the website at   http://www.phmemorialhall.co.uk/