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Following each meeting, the Chairman will issue a report summarising issues raised and actions to be taken by the Council. This will enable those who were not able to attend meetings to know what occurred without having to wait for the minutes to be approved. Below is a copy of the Chairman's report from The Parish Council meeting held in June:

                  Chairman’s Report on Pamber Parish Council Meeting 10th June 2019

Open Forum 

A parishioner requested that the wooden crosses placed beside the bench in Pamber Park be removed for safe-keeping. The Chairman said he would remove them himself.

A parishioner raised the question of the No.14 bus service and suggested that Stagecoach be approached to amend the route of the No.2 perhaps once per hour to pass through Little London, Silchester and Pamber Heath. It was agreed that support should be sought from Silchester and the County Councillor be made aware of the suggestion.

Public Participation

A representative of Fowler Architecture spoke and answered questions about application 19/01091/FUL, Pamber Farm, Bramley Road.


19/01091/FUL, Pamber Farm, Bramley Road. A full discussion took place and the Council voted to make no objection.

T/00224/19/TPO, 45, Jubilee Close. The Council agreed to raise no objection


19/00898/HSE. Fairacre, Bramley Road - granted

19/00809/ROC, Brroklands, New Road - granted

19/00797/LDEU. The Old Rick Yard, Aldermaston Road - refused

19/00394/LBC. Wigmore Farm, Aldermaston Road - granted


It was agreed to make a grant of £1,500 to St.Stephens Hall to help with expenditure for the financial year 2019/20.

Neighbourhood Plan

A report was presented by Councillor Greaves and Councillors were invited to attend a meeting with a Borough Council officer on 20th June to discuss the Local Plan and its potential impact on the Neighbourhood Plan.


A report was presented by Councillor Greaves and it was agreed to fund four 2-way radios and six hi-viz tabards.

War Horse Walk

Councillor Greaves reported that a 5 kilometre walk is planned for 24th August to raise funds for charity. The Council backed the plan and agreed to cover any shortfall in the cost of medals for participants. £650 has already been pledged by Englefield Estate and AWE.


The current website was discussed and it was agreed that alternative platforms be investigated.  Councillor. Mrs Tyson will report at the September meeting.

Highway Matters

The Clerk reported that she will be meeting a Highways Engineer later this month to look at the roads, in particular the A340. The Chairman and other Councillors expressed an interest in attending this meeting. Councillor Greaves had received an email from the Highways Department saying that they have agreed a new layout for the A340/Bramley Road junction but had provided no details.

Borough Councillor Reports

Councillor Simon Mahaffey introduced himself and gave a brief description of his duties as our new Borough Councillor.

Reports from Parish Council Representatives

It was agreed to accept a quotation for £998 to install a height restriction barrier at Pamber Heath Memorial Hall to prevent illegal occupation of the car park and grounds.