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Neighbourhood Plan


Contact the group by email at: pambernp@gmail.com

Since the two consultation days, the Pamber Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been reviewing the information gathered. From this we have distilled what we believe is how you, the residents of the Parish, would like to see the Plan move forward towards 2032.

NP Report May 2020

Community Engagement Report

NP Report March 2020

Minutes from meeting on 9th January 2020

NP Report February 2020

NP Report January 2020

Notes from meeting on 28th November

Notes from meeting on October 31st

Minutes from Meeting on October 3rd

Meeting dates for 2020

09/04/2020 Little London
07/05/2020 Pamber Heath
04/06/2020 Little London
09/08/2020 Pamber Heath
10/09/2020 Little London
08/10/2020 Pamber Heath
12/11/2020 Little London


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