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Neighbourhood Plan

16th March - Update

Upcoming Neighbourhood Planning Meetings

Date/Time Time Venue Topic
Thursday 15th March 2018 7.30pm Pamber Heath Memorial Hall SG refining vision and objectives and setting
Thursday 26th April 2018 7.30pm St. Stephen's Hall, Little London SG commence planning for community engagement events
Thursday 17th May 2018 7.30pm Pamber Heath Memorial Hall TBC
Thursday 14th June 2018 7.30pm St. Stephen's Hall, Little London TBC
Thursday 12th July 2018 7.30pm Pamber Heath Memorial Hall TBC
August Summer Break  

The Neighbourhood Steering Group is now up and running. At the last meeting we analysed the key aspects that we considered make up the "DNA" of the Parish. This can be seen in the SWOT analysis chart below. The overall view, seemed to be that we consist of 4 distinct comunities with common asperations for the parish:- 

  • To keep it Rural with Green space between the areas
  • Protect and preserve the Flora and Fauna of the area
  • Understand and protect our "Assets"
  • Improve the footpath links between the areas



  • Rural location (forest, commons)
  • Access to good schools
  • Good access to Basingstoke and beyond
  • Good footpath links
  • Natural leisure facilities
  • Good access to hospital
  • 3 pubs
  • 2 village halls
  • Good employment hub-AWE
  • Good cross section of age groups
  • Range of housing stock
  • Good community, low crime rate, neighbourhood watch
  • Historical interest nearby
  • Parish events
  • Near to excellent facilities (swimming pool, shopping, surgeries, library, banks)
  • Bus service
  • Small industrial park
  • Football grounds (rugby not far)
  • Sheltered accommodation
  • Forest volunteering
  • Allotments
  • Active groups (Scouts, cubs, youth groups)
  • Traffic/junctions, speed limits
  • Flooding-New Road
  • Sewers inadequate in Little London
  • Continuous infill along A340
  • Loss of hedgerows
  • Preserving open spaces surrounding Pamber forest
  • Maintaining the environment
  • Leisure use of Pamber forest/parking visitor centre?
  • Connectivity-footpaths/bridleways
  • Diverse setting of separate parts
  • Public transport
  • Ageing population-mobility
  • Housing type-loss of bungalows
  • Public open spaces for younger people (Pamber End/Green/Little London)
  • Power/broadband/development/gas



  • Strategic development
  • Improved infrastructure (internet) & services
  • Transport & pathways
  • Amenities – Halls
  • Rural character enhancement
  • School ?? Pre school
  • Retail (community run?)
  • Pubs
  • Forest parking (revenue? Access?)
  • No focal point
  • Planning development inc infill, back garden development
  • Green land development
  • Uneven balance of housing-down sixing/starter homes/affordable housing
  • Proximity to Tadley-AWE. Swallowed up & smaller parts of parish forgotten
  • Impacts on rural life-urbanisation
  • Illegal encampments
  • Road upgrades (from demands) then encourage further development
  • AWE long term plans
  • Apathy & lack of time from next generation
  • If we don’t have development, we could “disappear” re: funding etc
  • Different areas have different needs
  • Government pressure for more housing
  • Change of use for land
  • Erosion of “green” (hedgerows, wildlife)

Download SWOT Anaysis

Next, we aim to compose a "Vision"  for the Plan which will set out at a high level the areas the plan will encompass. If you have any thoughts on the "DNA" of the Parish [what have we missed?] or thoughts on the "Vision",  please email the Clerk at   clerk@pamber-pc.gov.uk. The more input that we have from as many as people as possible, the better.


Parish Boundary Public Footpaths