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Neighbourhood Plan


Contact the group by email at: pambernp@gmail.com

Next Neighbourhood Planning meeting

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28th March

7:30pm till 9:00pm

St Stephen's Hall

Little London

Review the first Draft of the V&O


The steering group would like to thank all of the parishioners who attended the two consultation events and for their complimentary comments on the depth of information available as well as the professional way in which it was presented.

The information gathered will now be used to formulate a Vision and Objectives document [V&O] which will start to formalise the wishes of the residents, this will be drafted by our consultants, Plan-et. The steering group will then review, comment and revise the V&O before inviting the residents to approve, reject or comment on it.  This is not the end of the process, just the next step, and we will keep you updated as we move through the stages.

The production of the plan will take about 18 months to 2 years from now, during which time there will be further consultations with you, our residents. Our next task, as noted, is to produce the V&O, which should take 8 weeks to complete, so look out for this dropping though your door sometime in May 2019.  

In the next month or two, we will also be looking to obtain the views of the Youth of the parish. The future of the parish is, after-all, theirs and is inherited from us, we need to make sure it is in good condition. How we gather this is yet to be formalised, but watch out for it, their thoughts count!  Finally, visit the PCC website or our Facebook page for future updates and ways to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Simon Greaves

NP Chairman


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