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Neighbourhood Plan

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22nd May update

Upcoming Neighbourhood Planning Meetings

Date/Time Time Venue Topic
Thursday 14th June 2018 7.30pm St. Stephen's Hall, Little London TBC
Thursday 12th July 2018 7.30pm Pamber Heath Memorial Hall TBC
August Summer Break  

Notes from the last meeting


Dee Woolfender - Chair; Simon Greaves -Secretary; George McGarvey - Treasurer


To provide a plan that preserves, respects and enhances the individual characters of the four settlements in Pamber Parish.  Integral to the plan will be the protection of Pamber Forest which is nationally recognised for its biodiversity and forms the heart of this Parish’s unique status in terms of wildlife and landscape. The plan will aim to serve the needs of the current communities, seeking to encourage and develop community spirit and cohesion whilst striving for true environmental enhancement as a worthy legacy for future generations.

This vision will remain under review untill the Neighbourhood Plan is ready for ratification by the residence of the parish

Neighbourhood Plan Focal Points 

the meeting concluded that the following areas are the Key focal Points for the Plan.

Environment; Infrastucture; Historical Sites; Leisure; Development

these headings will look at the following


Green Space; Pamber Porest; Local GAps; Allotments; Vistas.


Roads; Footpaths; Utilities; Transport

Historical Sites; 

Listed Buildings; Archaeological heritage; Recent history.


Parks; Youth Groups; Community Buildings; Quality of Life.


Housing; Business

Public Participation

It will be some time before the steering Group has a document to share with the Parish., other than the Meeting Minutes.  However if you have any thoughts or comments from either reading this update or the minutes, please use the link below to send them to the group. if you have any ideas you would like considered in the Plan or are a member of a grouop which should be consulted, again, please let us know of you.


Next Meeting

The next meeting 17th May @ The Memorial Hall, Pamber Heath

Past information

Download SWOT Anaysis 

26/4/18 Meeting Minutes


Parish Boundary Public Footpaths