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Neighbourhood Plan


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Next Neighbourhood Planning meeting

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7th February 2018

7:30pm till 9:00pm

Memorial Hall

Pamber Heath

Discuss and agree a Timeline for the next stage of the Plan.

If you missed the Consultation days, you still have an opportunity to tell us your thoughts and concerns. Fill in the forms available from this link and deliver them to the steering group at these addresses 

Little London - Rosamar, Silchester Road

Pamber End - Bow Brook, Aldermaston Road

Pamber Heath - Hafod, Burney Bit & 10 Sandy Lane

The Steering Group took a rest over the festive period and will resume activities from 7th February 2019.The next meeting of the steeting group will focus on the next steps for the plan with the assistance of our consultants Plen.et. 

the report below has been submitted to the Parish Council for their next meeting on Monday 14th January at St Stephens Hall Liitle London.

Report to the Parish Council  - 9th Jan 2019

As reported at the last parish council meeting, we successfully completed the first consultation meeting for the residents to discuss and comment on 5 broad focus points,

Environment; Development; Leisure; Infrastructure and Historical sites.

 90 people attended the two sessions which equates to 4% of the residents. This is encouraging, the discussions were positive and supportive of the plan. Many thoughts and concerns were recorded on the questionnaires which now must be tabulated and evaluated.  In the hope of reaching a greater audience the questionnaire has been put online via the parish web site; a slow trickle of completed forms has started.

The next meeting is organised for 7th February at the Memorial Hall Pamber Heath, when the Steering Group will focus on tabulating the information received and how best to evaluate it with advice from Plan.et. The residents will then be informed of our findings. This will prompt the next round of consultation focusing on the real wishes of the inhabitants of the parish.

Discussions around funding grants have highlighted the need to establish a timeline for the plan with a clear understanding of each stage of its development. Plan.et will attend the next meeting to discuss this aspect of producing a plan and assist in agreeing a staged timeline. This will assist in setting out our funding needs and timescales in which to apply for grants.

Communication with the residents remains a key task if we are to achieve a plan that reflects their needs and wishes. A Facebook page has been started; it now needs to be advertised to gain followers.

Door to door posting of information using volunteers still seems the best option to ensure all residents are included in communications.

We continue to liaise with B&DBC through Andrew Rushmer for advice on the plan and to provide information to incorporate as necessary. At present, we are seeking advice on two aspects of planning and development.

  • Producing a Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic interest.
  • The process of designating Conservation areas.

Simon Greaves - Chair NP


Consultation Day



  The consultation events have now taken place and we had a reasonable turnout of Residents. Around 100 people attended one of the two events in all, held at The Memorial Hall, Pamber Heath and St Stephens Hall, Little London. All age groups would seem to have been represented.

Feedback on each day was very positive on how the event was staged and the comprehensive information on view.  Below you can see some pictures taken at the time.

The Steering Group now must digest the suggestions and comments made to see what the will of the people is for the Neighbourhood Plan. This will be reviewed over the winter months into spring 2019.

We understand that the dates set for the consultation meetings were not convenient for all the residents. so now is the chance for you to submit your thoughts form the comfort of your home.

What is the Plan and Where do you live boards

Focal Points

click on any of the forms to download the all question sheets. Fill them in then drop them off at one of the following addresses.

Little London - Rosamar, Silchester Road

Pamber End - Bow Brook, Aldermaston Road

Pamber Heath - Hafod, Burney Bit & 10 Sandy Lane





Infrastructure - Roads & Footpaths

Leisure Facilities

Historical Sites
What have we missed?



Parish Boundary Public Footpaths