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   Statement by the Council regarding Affordable Housing    29 March, 2018

                                    Statement on behalf of Pamber Parish Council


It has been brought to the attention of the Council that a number of comments on Basingstoke and Deane’s Planning portal regarding the Affordable Housing planning application have been posted, insinuating that the Council has acted in an untoward or dishonest way and has an ulterior motive in supporting the application. Additionally, it has even been suggested that pockets are ‘being lined’ in return for support for this project-an incredibly unjust, false and inflammatory comment. The Council wish it to be known that such comments are completely untrue and libellous. The Affordable Housing project has been the subject of consultations, to which the entire Parish was invited, and the Council has always been careful to listen to concerns raised by Parishioners and has passed these onto HASTOE, causing them to subsequently amend parts of this application to address concerns. The application is ongoing and anyone is more than welcome to add their opinion but if people wish to comment then please do factually. If anyone needs to clarify any points prior to commenting then please feel free to contact the Clerk or the Chairman of the Council, Chris Goss.


Thank you.

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