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   Beware Phone Scams    25 April, 2016

This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. 

I would like to draw your attention to some recent issues that we have had in the area.  We have received a number of reports over the last few weeks about residents, mainly elderly, receiving a phone call from someone reporting to be from either the Metropolitan Police investigation unit or a bank.  These callers have then explained that they are looking into bank fraud/corruption or similar and have then requested that you transfer a number of thousands of pounds into an account for them to check that the transfer is working.  They normally give some sort of story that they will send you confirmation of the transfer at a later date.
On some occasions people have been asked to withdraw cash from an ATM/bank and deposit it at a given location so they can check if the cash is genuine.
This is a scam. A Police Force or bank will never ask you to transfer or withdraw money.  They will also never ask for passwords or memorable information.  If you have any concerns at all as to the identity of who you may be speaking to on the phone please terminate the call and phone 101 immediately.

Please can I ask that if you have any elderly parents/relatives/friends or neighbours that you make them aware of this scam.  If you have any questions or want any advice then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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